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TOP 5 Essence Blog 2020

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Top 5 Essence Blog 2020

2020 left us with memories of the pandemic that changed our lives, but also with memories of the many companies that used our products to battle the pandemic. We discussed this extensively in our 2020 posts. We hope that you enjoy our content and want to thank you for helping our community grow every day.

Here are our most popular posts from 2020. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss anything in 2021.

1-. Essence devices Top PCMag´s “Best Medical Alert Systems of 2020”

Best Medical Alert Systems 2020

The prestigious technology magazine PCMag, just published their “Best Medical Alert Systems of 2020” list. Two Essence partners top their respective categories. Lifefone’s Lifefone At Home Landline received the highest rating in the Best for Loud Audio category. According PCMag this device “is a versatile personal emergency response device that installs in minutes and provides loud hands-free communication with a 24/7 emergency response center. It comes with a wearable help button and offers big, easy-to-read Emergency Call and Reset buttons, and it’s one of the more affordable medical alert systems out there ”..… Read More

Essence Group Blog

From exposure to advertising to watching movies, consumers have been told that the future will be more convenient for them. Over the years on the screen we have watched futuristic scenes people remotely controlling the washing machine while having a snack with their friends or how a cup of hot coffee was awaiting in the kitchen before a suave executive went to work. Finally fiction is becoming reality. Much if what we have been seeing on screen is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what smart home technology has to offer to make our lives easierRead More

3-. Telecare in Action. Remote Activity Monitoring in the Fight Agains COVID-19.

We are coming to terms with a new reality that is illustrated by the dramatic COVID-19 statistics from around the world. The International Council of Nurses estimates that at least 90,000 caregivers have been infected and that more than 260 nurses have died from the pandemic worldwide. In the US, one in every three deaths from coronavirus are nurses, workers or elderly in nursing homes. In the UK, more than a third of the deceased were over 85 years old, while in other countries, like Spain, 15% of all elderly people who were in nursing homes have died. This is unprecedented for society in general and for the telecare industry in particular.… Read More

Essence Blog

Falls in the elderly are one of the most serious problems that our society has to combat. Worldwide, millions of people over the age of 65 suffer falls every year. In the US alone, for example, an elderly person is treated for fall injuries in the emergency room every eleven seconds. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2030, falls will cause 7 deaths every hour in older people.Read More

Cellular Sunset Essence SmartCare

Time is running out. Over the next 12 months, the main global mobile providers will discontinue 2G and 3G service to make room for new 4G or 5G channels. This is commonly known as cellular sunset. This is not a minor event; far from it. We are talking about a change that has already affected many industries in blackout countries, and will affect many others around the world, including ours, the telecare industry. To put it clearly — companies that work in our sector and are not already preparing a strategy for the day after the blackout ,will not be able to compete…Read More

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