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Providing your customers with safety alarms based on smart smoke detectors, water leakage sensors mitigate risks, lower claims, and increase profitability.

Furthermore, data captured from smart devices helps insurance companies personalize offerings and risk assessment – improving customer loyalty over time.

In short, IoT platforms offer insurance companies greater understanding of consumer behavior they can use to underwrite risks accordingly – better serving individual customers with highly tailored offers.

Essence Group’s complete data-driven IoT platforms enable progressive insurers to lead the pack and enhance customer loyalty, by offering added-value services tailored around individual customer’s behavior and needs.

Areas of Expertise

Essence’s security and safety platforms provide all this and more! With advanced smoke detection, flood sensors together with water shutoff capabilities, insurers that take advantage of digital transformation and ensure that their customers are taking steps to reduce instances of costly damage.

Our Independent Living solutions with algorithm-based activity monitoring can help reduce instances of emergencies that require hospitalization. By adding our variety of fall detection technologies and voice alerting capabilities, seniors can receive immediate assistance enabling them to get help before the situation deteriorates.