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Essence SigmaDots: Securing the IoT- A Paradigm Shift

Leveraging the experience of the Essence Group, an IoT powerhouse, SigmaDots' innovative solution brings the power of embedded, distributed and multilayered cybersecurity to the IoT ecosystem.

Securing connected ecosystems

The digitization transformation is happening fast and IoT devices have become a commodity, influencing the way we do business and live our lives. As such, the IoT ecosystem has become a target for cyberattacks and a pathway to the enterprise IT environment. IoT manufacturers and service providers are aware of the threats and risks and need to adhere to regulatory requirements and to retain a competitive value by ensuring their customers are secure.

Essence SigmaDots provides a holistic IoT cybersecurity solution to ensure business continuity and resilience for both IoT manufacturers and service providers. It’s device-embedded agent, harnesses the power of distributed computing, to protect connected devices from cyberattacks. Protecting IoT endpoints and networks and reducing the risk of advanced IoT based attacks on back-end services.

● Ensuring operational and cyber visibility
● Reduce IoT risk to the IT environment
● Prevent and detect a wide array of threats
● Eliminate the centralized point of attack
● Ensure business continuity
● Easily deployed in your existing ecosystem

Our unique platform authenticates critical commands, safeguarding privacy and securing device communication with multiple device protection methods. ensuring cyber and operation visibility for IoT manufacturers and service providers.

Partnering with Essence SigmaDots not only protects your business today, but also positions your company as a forward-thinking business that recognizes that only innovative approaches will provide security in the future.

SigmaDots delivers the foundation for true IoT security and visibility.

Our Unique Advantages

  1. Combining the advantages of a startup with the experience of a market leader

    Our interdisciplinary team brings expertise from areas as diverse as high tech, military intelligence, and academia. Essence SigmaDots solutions are based on a fresh, holistic approach. SigmaDots goes far beyond conventional, traditional cybersecurity methodologies providing unique solutions in an ever-changing environment.

  2. Harnessing the endpoints to secure your networks

    Cyber-securing the edge devices in an IoT network requires reducing a hacker’s ability to exploit OS and communication vulnerabilities. The large variety of end-user devices and firmware makes this extremely challenging. A practical method, that is loosely coupled with the devices, is to add the security layer to the communication process, thereby achieving the necessary level of protection.

  3. Securing megascale IoT deployment

    Our solution is designed for scalability and low-friction integration. Our software-only solution not only significantly reduces the IoT provider’s risk of attack but is also easy to integrate. Our mesh architecture provides an even higher level of protection as the size of the IoT network grows. The reduced exposure to attack helps lower the total cost of ownership, especially in a large-scale deployment.

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