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Ibernex Technological Challenge

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Essence Smartcare Spain

Essence SmartCare España is the winner of the technological challenge set by Ibernex through Aragón Open Future, an open innovation initiative from Telefónica in partnership with T-ZIR. Ibernex. The Aragón-based company, belonging to the Pikolín Group, which develops care-focused solutions, chose a solution comprising predictive telecare which will improve the quality of the independent lives of seniors, people with disabilities and those with chronic diseases. The winning project will conduct a real pilot of its solution which will receive funding of up to €50,000 from Ibernex.

The challenge attracted entries from 50 startups, SMEs, technological centres and entrepreneurs, of which 39 were from Spain and 11 were international. During the evaluation process, the nine most innovative projects took part in a virtual collaboration and co-creation journey coordinated by the Aragón Open Future team. In conjunction with Ibernex, they developed their proposals and had the opportunity to interconnect technologies and raise the visibility of their companies among their rest of their travelling companions.

Essence SmartCare España, the winner of this challenge, develops innovative advanced telecare solutions aimed at suppliers of services involved in caring for seniors. Its solution, based on predictive learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, is capable of evolving in accordance with users’ needs and monitoring their activity through programmed rules or automatic learning of their habits.

The platform sends alerts to family members and carers when it detects any deviations in the user’s usual behaviour pattern which could originate a hazardous situation, such as excessive use of the bathroom during the night, a shower in the early hours of the morning, and the front door being open for over 15 minutes, etc. The alerts which are triggered can be sent via SMS, email or mobile app.

This technology helps seniors, people with disabilities and people with chronic diseases in their daily lives and makes it possible to detect any deterioration in their health in the early stages. The platform also has a system of devices which enables seniors to grow older while living independently in their own homes and offers an imperceptible health monitoring experience, providing their loved ones with peace of mind.

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