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The Security Solution for Cargo Theft and Transportation

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Transportation companies face significant challenges in securing their mobile assets. With the dramatic increase in cargo theft, ensuring the security of goods in transit has become a critical concern. Mobile assets are particularly vulnerable due to their constant movement and the difficulty of providing real-time protection, but there is a solution.

 Alarming cargo theft statistics

Cargo theft during transportation has reached alarming levels, with nearly $700 million worth of goods stolen annually due to supply shortages and increasing desperation among criminals. In 2023, there were 1,183 reported cargo thefts in the U.S., with an average loss of $586,917 per incident. This represents a 67% increase from 2022, with further increases expected in 2024. In London, tool theft from vans has also increased significantly in the years since COVID, impacting workers and costing billions in lost business and replacement tools.

Shortcomings of existing solutions

Cargo theft is a significant challenge for the logistics industry, threatening not only the financial health of companies but also their operations. The impact of cargo theft is substantial, disrupting supply chains and causing considerable financial loss. One of the key challenges is the increasing sophistication of theft operations. Modern cargo thieves use advanced tactics, such as GPS jammers, to evade tracking systems and escape easily. Additionally, many existing security solutions rely on electricity or Wi-Fi, which may not always be available or reliable in transit environments. Cargo trucks and trains, as well as cash-in-transit vehicles, are common targets for organized theft operations. For instance, delivery vans from companies like Amazon or UPS are frequently targeted due to their high-value contents that are easy to resell. You can see an example in this video. These incidents highlight the urgent need for more robust and adaptive security solutions tailored to mobile environments.

MyShield: a portable solution

MyShield’s mobility and portability features make it an ideal smoke security solution for trucks and caravans. In the event of a break-in, MyShield responds immediately, using smoke to disorient and repel intruders, preventing theft while minimizing any damage to goods. MyShield’s flexible installation and LTE-M network connection to the cloud enable various rapid smoke shield activation capabilities, automatically when a vehicle has been broken in to, through remote deployment from a user app or professional Alarm Receiving Center (ARC), as well as locally by using a panic button in the hands of the driver. This ensures that even without electricity or Wi-Fi, the system can still operate effectively. Additionally, MyShield’s easy installation and integration options allow it to be moved between vehicles or spaces as needed.

MyShield’s advanced technology provides a robust, portable mobile asset security solution that addresses the unique challenges of cargo theft and the need for innovative and mobile security solutions by RV owners and transportation companies. Its ability to provide immediate protection and deterrence makes it an invaluable tool in combating the growing problem of cargo theft. When intruders are faced with a sudden deployment of smoke, their visibility is impaired, which means they can’t steal what they can’t see. This not only protects the cargo but also ensures peace of mind for the operators.

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