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Overcoming the Top Challenges of Traditional Security Systems: Advanced Technology Revolutionizes Security

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In today’s fast-paced world, security concerns for both homes and businesses have significantly evolved. Traditional security systems are no longer adequate, due to a variety of inherent flaws. Pair this with the fact that around 2.5 million burglaries occur yearly only in the U.S., with about 66% being home intrusions. Therefore, it becomes clear that there is an urgent need for security systems that can effectively deter intruders. Fortunately, there are innovative security solutions available that tackle these challenges head-on.

Understanding the Pitfalls of Conventional Security Systems

With a burglary occurring in the U.S. every 30 seconds, security systems are an essential component in home safety and security. What are the major challenges that must be overcome to create a dependable security system that can effectively handle intruders?

False Alarms: A frequent problem with conventional security systems is false alarms, which can lead to unnecessary panic and put an undue strain on emergency services. Almost 95% of security alarms are false alarms. These alarms can result from mechanical issues, accidental triggers, or misuse, leading to increased response times for actual emergencies.

Slow Response Times: As a result of a variety of security protocols and a high number of false alarms the typical response time for traditional security systems to a triggered alarm in most cases is too slow, especially in property crime situations. Police response times, arising from the need to manually verify the source of the alarm, can often exceed15 minutes, providing intruders with ample opportunity for theft. This delay makes all the difference between a successful robbery and a failed attempt.

Inability to react in real-time: Traditional monitoring is reactive and do not have the wherewithal to react in real-time, leaving significant security gaps. Inability to respond to security events while they are in progress diminishes the system’s overall effectiveness and proper reaction to the event.

Failure to Deter Intruders: Conventional security systems, while adept at alarming about a break-in event, often lack the proactive capacity to initiate immediate actions or interventions in response to intrusions. The time gap between detection, alarm activation, and police arrival provides criminals with a window of opportunity for theft.

Integration Complexity: Complexity in integrating various security systems or components poses a significant challenge for security companies. A system’s simplicity, effectiveness, and convenience are key components of a successfully operational security system. The coordination of cameras, sensors, and alarms can be convoluted, hindering seamless operation and responsiveness during critical events.

High Maintenance Costs: Maintenance costs associated with traditional security systems can be prohibitively high. Regular checks, updates, and repairs contribute to financial strain, making comprehensive security solutions less accessible for many.

On top of these issues, staffing shortages and other complications are making the time it takes for the police or security guards to arrive at a break-in much longer, underscoring the need for an immediate response to deter intruders.

Developing Near-Zero Response Time Security Solutions

Today’s security systems must do much more to deter intruders. Effective security shouldn’t just detect the presence of intruders, they should “act” to deter them before they can cause harm. MyShield is much more than a security system – it’s an on-site first responder designed to protect both homes and businesses, an all-in-one smoke-generating intruder intervention and deterrence system that provides a quick and effective response.

MyShield’s Key Advantages:

Advanced Technological Solutions: MyShield combines detection and verification sensors in a self-contained unit, independently connecting to the cloud. Operating on cellular IoT infrastructure, it is battery-operated and not reliant on local communications.

All-in-one: MyShield features a PIR motion detector, HD camera, voice communication, and a unique, and safe to use smoke generator that fills the room in 30 seconds.

Reduced False Alarms: The built-in HD camera provides real-time video verification of events, significantly reducing false alarms.

LTE-M Communication: Relying on cellular LTE-M channels, MyShield ensures continuous operation, independent of local communication infrastructures.

Near-Zero Response Time: In less than a minute, MyShield can take an action to force intruders out by deploying a harmless and yet disorienting smoke, which is a stark contrast to the waiting time for first responders.

Low Maintenance: Its easy installation and battery-powered capabilities allow for near-zero maintenance.

Integrated or Independent: The system can be easily integrated with existing security systems or used as a fully independent, stand-alone user-facing operation.

Providing Security, Independence, and Peace of Mind

In today’s security-conscious environment, MyShield stands out as a leader in innovation and reliability. It effectively addresses the key limitations of traditional security systems, enhancing security and enabling individuals and businesses to take greater control of their security strategies. With its advanced technology and enhanced features that evolve along with the industry needs, MyShield finds applications in various industries globally, proving effective in deterring theft and reducing property losses. As security needs evolve, Essence remains at the forefront, contributing to the paradigm shift towards proactive and responsive security solutions.


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