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MyShield: Addressing Unique Security Challenges in Use Cases Where Other Systems Can’t

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In a crowded market of security devices, Essence’s MyShield stands out as the ultimate solution for scenarios where traditional security alarm systems and other fogging systems fall short. Offering unparalleled combinations of features, MyShield ensures protection in places where other devices are less effective, and sometime not even possible to install (not applicable).

One distinctive feature is its ability to operate as a standalone solution independent from availability of electrical or communications infrastructure. This flexibility allows easy installation and absolute operational autonomy in remote locations, ensuring protection when and where it’s needed most. Another attractive feature is the ability to be connected directly through cloud to ARC (monitoring center) or end-user app as well as to be seamlessly integrated with wired input to existing security alarm monitoring system, reducing response time in case of intrusion, and allowing to activate the smoke diffusion by demand. This bucket of choice makes it ideal for scenarios like ATM rooms or retail stores, where immediate anti theft action is crucial to prevent vandalism and unauthorized access.

Standalone security solution for vacant properties.

Unoccupied properties or those that stay empty for long periods, as well as remote storage facilities are prime targets for burglary and vandalism. MyShield’s battery-operated, LTE-connected technology ensures continuous security, even in areas without access to electricity or local networks. Its immediate intrusion detection and remote monitoring capabilities enable swift intervention, minimizing the risk of robbery or vandalism. On-board HD camera guarantees the intrusion’s verification on spot without wasting safeguard personnel time.

All-in-one device to safeguard ATM rooms.

With rising concerns over ATM vulnerability among banks and financial institutions, MyShield offers a proactive security solution with immediate intrusion detection, HD video verification, and rapid smoke deployment unlike usual alarm activation. This combination of features acts as a powerful deterrent, pushing intruders out before they can cause damage.

Zero response time against ‘smash-n-grab’ at convenience stores.

Convenience stores, housing valuable assets like tobacco, alcohol, pharmacy, and consumer electronics, with their high foot traffic and flammable inventory face the risk of break-ins and grabbing the products under a minute before the police or guard can arrive. In the event of a break-in, employees can activate the smoke burglar deterrent, ensuring swift intervention and preventing shoplifting, harm to assets and personnel.

Mobility and portability to secure trucks and caravans.

Caravan owners as well as drivers of transportation companies like UPS or collectors often face challenges in securing their mobile assets. How can drivers safeguard the cargo on the truck? MyShield’s mobility and portability features allow for easy installation in vehicles, providing security on-the-go. With remote verification capabilities and deployment, MyShield enables rapid intervention in case of a break-in, mitigating potential damage to both the vehicles and their contents. An easy installation and integration options allow to relocate the same MyShield device between different spaces when needed.

No residue for optical and electronics stores.

Sensitive environments like optical and electronics stores require security solutions that leave no residue and safeguard valuable equipment. MyShield’s smoke leaves minor powdery residue that is hardly detectable and very easily wiped away unlike other fog-based systems that typically leave an oily substance behind, making it ideal for these environments. Its advanced features provide effective security without compromising the integrity of valuable assets.

The compact and elegant design of MyShield device enables it to be placed discreetly within any interior, including small spaces such as kiosks, garages, or caravans. Its unparalleled flexibility allows for easy installation on any surface, ensuring optimal positioning to secure the most valuable assets, regardless of the availability of electrical or communication infrastructure.

Essence Security’s MyShield has demonstrated its adaptability and effectiveness in diverse settings, providing advanced and innovative smoke security solution and successful implementation in a wide range of environments.

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