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How to Choose Your Smoke Security System?

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Let’s start with some practical questions. 

Do you want to protect your property or business from intruders? Are you looking for a solution that does not just detect but also intervenes when there is a verified intrusion. There are now a range of security smoke- or fog-generating solutions on the market that can help you. But how do you decide which one is the most suitable for your needs?

There is a number of questions that you need to consider when making this decision. What size is the space you want to secure?  How valuable is the content you want to protect? Do you need to integrate the solution into an existing security system? Does the area you need to protect have available power and communications infrastructure?

Other critical issues you need to consider when choosing from the different types of solutions on the market include whether the smoke leaves any residue over equipment and goods, ease of installation, and the level of safety and simplicity of activation. We’ll try to guide you through some of these issues.

Who needs it? Probably everyone!

Smoke and fog generators are active, simple, and powerful solutions for securing any size of business or property. These systems give you the time to remove criminals from your property and to minimize potential damage while police or guards are on their way.

Research from around the world shows that it can take up to 15 minutes or more for guards or police to arrive on the scene following an alert of a robbery in progress. Smoke systems provide you with your first response against burglars.

After the home/business owner or monitoring service has been alerted of a break-in, the burglar can be forced out very quickly by a harmless smoke that severely impedes their vision, rendering it impossible to continue to be on the premises. Once the system is activated, business and property owners can be sure that the risk of damage or loss is significantly reduced. The smoke leaves a residue that is hardly detectable and very easily wiped away.

Choose the space!

Private homes, server rooms, small offices, retail stores, pharmacies can enjoy some minimalistic options that cover smaller spaces. For larger spaces, or areas with multiple rooms, there are options that provide more extensive coverage.

Does it have to be wired? NO.

There are standalone devices that are battery operated and can be deployed with no need for wiring. This allows flexible installation independent of the availability of an AC point in the vicinity.

What about maintenance?  Maintain what?

When choosing a system, you should also consider how easy a system is to use and maintain. How should the smoke powder be used? Is the device connected to electricity or is it battery operated? If you have ever faced electrical damage, you will be aware of the importance of a wireless standalone device.

Additionally note that smoke systems are usually cheaper and consume less electricity.

Conventional systems are operated manually, require strict maintenance and are dependent on other system capabilities. Innovative security solutions should offer you much more.

Will the solution integrate with my existing security system? Yes, but what for?

Impressively, if you have a wireless standalone smoke system that also includes an HD camera, PIR, and Pet Immune, that comes certified and designed in the smallest possible form factor, you can also enjoy the benefits of a complete security solution with the added advantage of a smoke solution that fills a room with smoke in less than 30 seconds. This is ACTIVE INTRUDER INTERVENTION.

The right choice makes all the difference.

Smoke and fog-generating solutions generate active, simple, and powerful ways to secure a variety of spaces, from private homes to large commercial establishments. As the first line of defense, these systems offer a robust means of deterring intruders and minimizing potential damage while security personnel arrive.

Notably, the choice between wired and wireless systems, ease of maintenance, and seamless integration with other security components should be pivotal considerations. Opting for innovative solutions that combine smoke systems with features like HD cameras and motion sensors ensures not only security but also active intruder intervention, marking a significant advancement in safeguarding properties.


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