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Essence Security: Enhancing Customer Experience

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In the competitive landscape of smart security solutions, Essence Security stands out not only through its advanced technology but also through its excellent customer service. As security system installers and Alarm Receiving Centers (ARCs) seek reliable partners, they find that Essence is devoted to deliver thorough support at every stage of their journey. Account Management Director Amir Atia and his team represent this philosophy, ensuring that from the initial engagement to sustained partnerships, every interaction is rooted in professionalism and support. In his interview, Amir discusses how Essence’s dedication to service excellence extends beyond innovative products, fostering deep, enduring relationships with partners.

Amir, could you please tell us a bit about your role at Essence Security?

“Absolutely. I lead the Account Management and Customer Success team at Essence. Our primary focus is ensuring the success and satisfaction of every prospect and partner as if they were our only customer. This involves providing personalized support and guidance throughout their journey with us, from initial onboarding to ongoing maintenance and beyond.”

Why should companies consider adding MyShield to their portfolio?

MyShield is a unique smoke security solution that stands out for its comprehensive capabilities combining multiple security functions like HD camera, motion detector, audio announcements, and smoke diffuser into one device. Moreover, its proactive security intervention approach ensures immediate threat response and intruder deterrent, while its low-touch installation, small form factor, battery-powered operation, and minimal maintenance reduce burdens for installers and users, offering low-cost yet high-quality professional security solution.”

Why is providing a superior customer experience so important to Essence Security?

“Our customers’ success is our success. The customer’s satisfaction is our top priority and our goal is to provide customers with all the tools they need to increase their revenue and market share, and gradually become the leading provider in their local market. To ensure this, we place great emphasis on creating a comprehensive onboarding process and a seamless customer experience that provides the most professional support at every stage of their journey.”

Can you explain what sets Essence Security apart in terms of delivering an exceptional customer experience?

“What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive support at every stage of the customer journey. From the moment a potential partner engages with us for the first time, they’re assigned a dedicated account manager who serves as their single point of contact for all of their needs, whether it’s marketing services, logistics or technical support. When someone chooses Essence, we want to make sure they know everything they need to know about the product and have all the tools they need to make sales and installation efficient and easy.”

What exactly does the customer experience look like during the onboarding process?

“After a customer is signed on, we make sure to provide them with all the tools and equipment needed for smooth installation, effortless user experience and eventually marketing and sales. Starting with a demo, we make sure they have fully equipped package, all the necessary written and video materials in the local language, including our 4-minute installation video and a clear graphic manual that guides installers through every step of the installation. We help our customers become experts in our products and platform and offer our involvement and support in every aspect.”

What does Essence Security do to support a smooth maintenance experience?

“We have a dedicated customer tech support team that is always available to assist with any issues or questions that may arise. Additionally, we continuously improve our devices and services based on customer feedback, adapting our solutions to meet evolving needs.”

Can you share any stories that demonstrate the effectiveness of the company’s engagement with customers?

“A key element of a successful onboarding process is integration with ARC, as our customers want to evaluate the product within a complete operational environment. Recognizing this as a potential decision-making barrier, we have proactively integrated with major ARC software in Europe, including AM/WIN, ESI France, MasterMind, and others. This strategic integration allows both us and our customers to complete the integration phase smoothly and quickly, facilitating a seamless move forward to the commercial stage.”

Essence Smart Security’s commitment to providing an excellent customer experience fosters lasting partnerships and makes it much easier to add the company’s products to portfolios. With Amir Atia and his team of account managers, Essence continues to redefine the boundaries of customer service and empower its partners to thrive in an ever-evolving security solutions landscape.

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