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Connected Living Revolution: AI and IoT Combined

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The full potential of artificial intelligence remains unknown for most of us and its numerous combinations with the Internet of Things only expand that potential to make it endless.

In 2018, it is difficult to imagine our daily life without a personal computer or even without a smartphone, but before this trend became the standard practice for everyone, there were some skeptics that questioned the actual usefulness of PCs and cell phones. According to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers “Experience shows that every disruption resulting from new technological innovations establishes new markets that did not previously exist—and indeed that nobody could have anticipated before the innovation itself took place.”

One of the examples that confirms the power of these two technologies combined is the integration of the AI and the IoT within the big data and the cloud, which allows the technology providers to enhance health care and minimize energy expenses for the end customer. The Smart Home adds these values to its facilities combining sensors that track and record patterns of movement and also making possible to program all its devices to match with the habits of its inhabitants. To increase the comfort that these customized devices provide, the consumer can remotely modify any of the solutions programmed to take care of any unexpected event that might come up.

The possibilities of the IoT networking and its combination with AI are endless, which opens a vast business market niche. For this reason, we should keep in mind the disadvantages that might turn up and foresee them and successfully overcome them to make the most of these technologies for both providers and end consumers. Helping elderly people better their lives while aging-in-place is one of the most interesting, useful and promising purposes we can put into practice along this technological revolution. To make it happen, though, we are going to need to manage all the data coming from these devices and get the upper hand regarding its exponential increase. As Medium appropriately aims “AI can be used to make inference out of this data, predicting upcoming events based on complex analysis algorithms. This will hold extremely valuable insight into what’s working well or what’s not. With the recurring control (IoT) and analyses (AI) process, devices become smarter over the time”.

Given the high potential benefits that the combination of AI and IoT can offer, it wouldn’t be reckless to say that many business opportunities begin to show as the path to follow for the next decades. Smart Homes, tele-assistance service for elderly people, airlines, cyber security and manufacturing companies, among others, are just a sample of the business areas whose growth will be driven by the AI and IoT advances.

The present proves those who denied the importance of the PC in the ‘80s were wrong. Today, many businesses have the opportunity to join a revolution as big as the one that changed the whole world more than 30 years ago. Now it is time to embrace the unstoppable revolution of artificial intelligence.

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