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5 Reasons MyShield Takes the Lead in Security Smoke Systems

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“When seconds count, the police are just minutes away!”

In the face of evolving methods of criminal activity involving break-ins, robberies, vandalism, and worse- the security industry is constantly being forced to adapt and evolve. As a result, security tech companies are striving to develop solutions that will meet the needs of protecting high value assets and people at home and in commercial settings. Essence Security with its 30 years of experience in developing and producing security tech presents the world’s first battery-operated, IoT-connected smoke-generating security solution tailored to unique needs of security service providers for residential and commercial environments.

While many security smoke systems claim to provide the best defense, MyShield takes 1st place for several reasons. Let’s dive into the five key aspects that make MyShield rise above the competition.


While other smoke systems are essentially peripherals requiring an existing security system to operate, MyShield is a standalone system with integrated technology designed to provide an immediate and effective response in case of a break-in. Featuring an integrated PIR motion detector, on-board HD camera, voice communication and rapid-action smoke canister – MyShield can detect unauthorized access, verify it to eliminate false alarm or activation, and instantly react to force intruders out the premises within 30 seconds to minimize damage and theft.


MyShield is the only battery-operated IoT-connected device in the market that deploys smoke with no AC power source, no local connectivity, no hub, and no existing panel required- ensuring always-on wireless connectivity and remote activation for ultimate flexibility. MyShield uses LTE CAT-M cellular communication channels that enable full operational autonomy from local communication infrastructure. This technology allows the device to detect, verify, and deploy smoke as an independent security system.

Self and Professional Remote Monitoring:

MyShield’s remote accessibility provides peace of mind to individuals, business owners, and security professionals who can be notified and take immediate action as necessary wherever they are worldwide. MyShield can be professionally monitored, but unlike other smoke solutions , also has a mobile app allowing for a self-monitoring option. Through this IoT connectivity- the MyShield mobile app allows management of advanced features including: multi-device, multi-zone, and multi-user capabilities to ensure the monitoring party can remotely and immediately identify, verify, and respond to an intrusion while the action is still taking place.

Versatile Integration:

MyShield can function as a standalone security solution or seamlessly integrate an existing security panel. Due to its compact form and wireless connectivity, it can effortlessly be installed anywhere or even be used as portable temporary solution where and when needed.

Where other solutions require complex installation and for installers to come out yearly to inspect their smoke systems, replace expensive smoke liquid, and configure the system- MyShield installation is simple and can be configured over the air, with a 5-year lifespan on the canisters.

Total Cost of Ownership – Cost-Effective Security Solution:

MyShield offers a significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership compared to competitors. Lower entry costs, easy installation and near-to-zero maintenance, makes MyShield much more attractive and cost-effective option. Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, it can be used standalone or as an add-on service to enhance security service portfolio, customer acquisition, and loyalty. MyShield can serve as a standalone solution in areas where other security systems are unavailable or unaffordable such as real estate assets that stay empty for a long time, trucks or caravans, gun stores, 2nd homes, ATM rooms, or other vulnerable spaces in consumer electronics, convenience, tobacco, or alcohol stores.

These MyShield commercial and product advantages make it stand out from the competition and establish it as one of the most reliable and efficient security smoke systems on the market.

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