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3 Ways of MyShield Deployment Capabilities

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The revolutionary MyShield security intervention system truly offers a new dimension to the security world. Its unique feature-set and architecture allow ultimate flexibility to be deployed in a variety of ways, making it supremely useful in a large range of end-user applications.

In this article we will describe the 3 main ways in which the tiny, security smoke generator can be deployed, allowing it to be used as a single standalone device, or in conjunction with other security systems.

  1. Standalone, all-in-one
  2. Super System, full cloud integration
  3. 3rd party panel integration

Standalone, all-in-one

For those who want to use the MyShield as the only security device on the premises, the on-board PIR, voice warning announcements and video verification make it really all you need.

With cloud connectivity via cellular communications, the system can be managed by a store-owner or building security manager through the simple end-user app. Users will receive immediate notification of an intrusion and be able to view in real-time if there is an actual burglary in progress. They will then be able to immediately activate the smoke to interrupt the burglary before damage is done.

The system also easily integrates with monitoring stations worldwide to allow for security providers to remotely monitor and activate the MyShield as part of an advanced proactive security service.

Enhanced cloud-based security system

When deployed together with Essence’s WeR@Home+ cloud-based security management system, in Essence Security’s new Unified platform, users can enjoy an enhanced proactive security experience in conjunction with a variety of security and safety sensors and cameras deployed around the premises in addition to MyShield – all on a single platform.

Adding intervention capabilities to the WeR@Home+ systems, upgrades home or business security from simply detecting and alerting to prevention and intervention. Truly a complete security experience.

Home/business owners and monitoring stations alike will benefit from the enhanced security possibilities.

3rd party panel integration

For those with an existing security system deployed, MyShield can be connected through the onboard input/output wires so that smoke can be activated by a monitoring station through a 3rd party alarm panel.

This simple integration process mean that the current system can receive a highly valuable upgrade without the need to install new hardware. By adding one device, the installation will automatically be enhanced by a PIR motion detector, camera and, of course, a smoke generator that will expel intruders immediately.


In conclusion, the deployment of MyShield offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability in the realm of security intervention systems. Its unique features and adaptable architecture empower users to utilize it in various ways, catering to diverse security needs across different environments.

Whether deployed as a standalone, all-in-one solution with on-board features for immediate intrusion response, integrated with a cloud-based security management system for enhanced proactive security, or connected to existing security systems for seamless integration, MyShield delivers robust security intervention capabilities.

By offering multiple deployment options, MyShield revolutionizes the security landscape, providing users with comprehensive protection against intrusions and minimizing potential damages. Whether for individual users, businesses, or monitoring stations, MyShield ensures peace of mind and proactive security measures to safeguard assets and premises effectively.

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