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Essence SmartCare and Clalit Health Services Launch Pilot with Sharan Medical Care to Implement VitalOn Telehealth Platform to Reduce Hospitalization Rates in Israel

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Israel’s Largest HMO Chooses Essence’s Remote Patient Monitoring Solution to Alleviate Burden in Hospitals and Enable Remote Supervision of Elderly and Chronic Patients; Initial Results Demonstrate System’s Lifesaving Potential.



HERZLIYA, Israel – March 14, 2022Essence SmartCare, a leader in remote care and telehealth solutions and services, announced today the successful completion of a pilot program with Clalit Health Services, Israel’s largest HMO, and homecare provider Sharan Medical Care, to implement its VitalOn remote patient monitoring platform.

The pilot has seen dozens of patients transferred from hospitals to be monitored at home by the VitalOn solution, which is tailored to each patient’s individual requirements. Shortly after implementation, the system already began to display its lifesaving potential by recognizing a particular patient’s oxygen saturation level had dropped to a life-threateningly low amount, enabling the immediate dispatch of a medical team to the scene to administer oxygen.

The success of this pilot demonstrates the ability of the VitalOn solution to significantly improve the standard of care that patients can receive in their own homes, while easing the burden on critical health services during the current pandemic and beyond,” said Barak Katz, General Manager of Essence SmartCare. “We are honored to have been selected by Clalit Health Services for the first implementation of this solution in Israel”.

The program has the potential to optimize hospital occupancy levels, both during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and in the future, by enabling patients to receive life-saving medical care without requiring hospitalization. Implementation of VitalOn is expected to eventually lead to a reduction in rehospitalization rates, a shortening of hospital stays, and a significant shift of medical services out of hospitals and into patients’ homes.

Our close cooperation with Clalit and Sharan, and the excellent progress of the pilot, serves as an example of how more effective treatment can be provided to chronic patients by leveraging the latest advances in patient monitoring,” said Dr. Haim Amir, CEO and Founder of the Essence Group. “These technologies can help hospitals address long-standing capacity issues and the new reality of living alongside the Covid-19 pandemic”.

VitalOn combines telecare, telehealth, and wellness capabilities into a single, comprehensive remote patient monitoring and chronic disease management platform. It provides round-the-clock monitoring for a wide range of aging-related and chronic conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, and congestive heart failure. The easy-to-use solution operates independently, without the need of smartphone or tablet-based apps.

The last two years have seen the field of home hospitalization in Clalit expand beyond recognition. At any given time, more than 200 patients are receiving care at home as an alternative to hospitalization, around half of whom are Covid-19 patients,” said Doron Netzer, Head of Medicine for Clalit’s Community Division. “This pilot has reduced the number of hospitalizations in internal medicine departments throughout the country and was a significant factor in supporting the hospital system during the fifth wave in January and February of 2022. The collaboration with Essence SmartCare and Sharan expands our ability to monitor patients and provides important tools for monitoring their vital signs”.

Rehabilitation is generally quicker and more effective when conducted in the comfort of one’s own home, and this is particularly true for elderly and chronic patients,” said Dr. Yves Bitton, Founder and Medical Director of Sharan Medical Care. “This type of monitoring has allowed us to treat Covid-19 patients in moderate or even serious condition and bring about their recovery, all in the comfort and safety of their own homes“.


About Essence SmartCare

Essence SmartCare, part of the Essence Group, develops pioneering health and care platforms for market-leading healthcare and senior care providers, enabling smart preventive care and emergency response so seniors can live life to the fullest –with total peace of mind. Partnering with Essence SmartCare helps position companies as progressive, forward-thinking and in touch with the need to enable elderly and vulnerable people to lead more independent and safer lives.

For more information: www.essencesmartcare.com

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About Clalit Health Services

Clalit, the largest and leading HMO in Israel, provides medical services to more than 52% of the Israeli population, with a wide range of medical services: outpatient clinics throughout the country, where there are women’s health centers, pediatric health centers, and specialized medical centers. In addition, Clalit manages 14 public hospitals, and provides an additional set of services through subsidiary companies that include the network of dental clinics Clalit Smile, Clalit Aesthetics, Clalit Complementary Medicine, and ‘Mor’ Medical Institutes and Services. Clalit works to prevent disease and promote a healthy lifestyle through offering quality medical services, and advanced on-line services that provide the ability to receive medical services from anywhere, and at any time.

For more information: www.clalit.co.il


About Sharan

Sharan provides comprehensive medical and health-care services, enabling hospital quality care to be provided in the comfort of the patient’s own home. Sharan’s services include hospice at home, home hospitalization, and laboratory services. Sharan’s professional medical team of dedicated doctors, nurses, social-workers and physiotherapists all specialize in holistic medical care and provide uncompromising professionalism, attentiveness to the patient’s needs and on-going support and guidance to family members and primary caregivers. Sharan also operates support programs, in association with Pharmaceutical firms, for patients treated with selected drugs, in order to provide them with a comprehensive package that helps ensure persistence in drug treatment. Since its establishment in 2004 by Dr. Yves Bitton and Mrs. Ayelet Bitton, Sharan has established itself as a highly committed partner of the health system in Israel – attentive to needs and prepared for change.


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