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Smart Living

Enriching the user experience with an expanded IoT Ecosystem

Essence WeR@Home™ enables consumers to enjoy IoT’s possibilities through seamlessly and remotely managing their connected homes. The comprehensive Security, Safety and Smart Home solution is easy-to-install and simple to use and leverages IoT technologies to deliver a complete connected-home experience.

Leveraging voice capabilities as the next user interface

WeR@Home™ has a range of voice control options, allowing consumers to control their security and IoT devices with simple voice commands. By delivering voice control, service providers increase both consumer convenience and their security.
Supporting integration with Google Assistant provides voice control for WeR@Home's most popular smart home and security features. WeR@Home™ users can now use their voices to get the most from their WeR@Home™ experience.
Control your home with voice commands using any Google Assistant device to:
  • Control smart devices
  • Activate a variety of automation scenes
  • Control Arming states
With the Google Assistant, consumers can control their home environments simply with voice commands, such as: "Hey, Google, turn on my lights." A fully integrated WeR@Home™ connected home experience can be achieved by controlling IoT devices or setting automatic event driven actions, supplemented by real-time voice commands, such as controlling lighting and smart switches and setting automation scenarios.

Enriching the user experience with an expanded IoT Ecosystem

  • Innovation - constantly introducing new features
  • Expanding capabilities through 3rd party Cloud-to Cloud and Z-Wave integrations
  • Maintaining simplicity and ease of use

Connected living as a service - the wave of the future

  • Round-the-clock customer engagement
  • Provide valuable services to your customers
  • Grow cost-effectively with new channels
  • New operational capavilities to improve time to market

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