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Smart Care

Reimagining Senior Care

Complete Senior Protection at Home and On-the-Go
Care@Home Smart Alerting devices provide advanced solutions for seniors to receive assistance in times of need – especially in situations when they are unable to reach traditional panic buttons. Using advanced technologies and in response to real problems in the world of emergency response, we at Essence are developing innovative devices that keep seniors safe. Used in conjunction with the Care@Home elderly monitoring solutions, Smart Alerting devices will ensure that emergency alerts will be responded to quickly.

Empowering our Partners with Growth Opportunities

  • Provides valuable services to your customers for all stages of aging.

  • Personalized approach to senior care

  • Enables multiple services in one PERS control panel

  • Flexible hub to monitoring station communication options

  • Seamless movement between home and out-of-home environment

  • Full voice interactivity anywhere in the home.

Advanced Senior Care Offerings

Modular, Flexible, and Personalized to Your Needs.

For Service Provider

  • Integrated with all major monitoring centers

  • Rich admin tools with account management and reporting

  • Mobile and tablet apps for professional caregivers and family members

  • Differentiated and innovative service proposition

"Wear with pride: Our dual-tech fall detector/panic button with elegant design"

Not just a button and a box

  • Multiple communications channel in one PERS control panel
  • Field proven LTE module for alerting and voice communications
  • Data channels allow for a variety of advanced functionality

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