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Essence has been providing advanced telecare, security and connected home solution to the US market for over ten years and is currently a leading supplier of PERS and elderly independent living solutions for medical alert service providers and to telcos. On this page you can find all of the innovative technologies that we have brought to the US that are tailored for the business requirements of the US service provider and the personal safety needs of the consumer.

About Essence

Essence is a global provider of IoT connected-living solutions for security, communication, and healthcare service providers, serving households and small medium businesses. Leveraging 25 years of experience and innovation with a global presence and 25 million devices deployed worldwide. We take pride in the full ownership of our end-to-end solutions; from concept development and design, through the manufacturing of hardware and software to the day to day operations. This not only ensures system reliability, it means we can be flexible and design solutions ideally personalized to partner needs, enhancing their market positioning and end-customer experience.
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