Smart Care

Provide personal safety anywhere

Umbrella redefines lone worker safety and security
delivering an end-to-end umbrella of 24/7/365 personal
safety monitoring.
Umbrella is a two-way voice-communication personal emergency response system (PERS) designed to help organizations, schools and universities keep staff and students safe. Umbrella is a stand-alone personal safety platform consisting of a small, wearable pendant that integrates directly with a specialized mobile app complemented by an intuitive management interface. The system is designed to be distributed by organizations to individuals who might be at risk, from students and teachers to remote installation and technician teams.
Provide personal safety anywhere
Safety solution for your most important resource
Connected 24/7 to monitoring centers
Seamless real-time tracking and response

Umbrella has you covered

Umbrella offers 24/7 monitoring that leverages the network reach of nation-wide security monitoring providers.It features a lightweight panic button, mobile app and a fully configurable and scalable management tool for security officers.
  • Immediate assistance, 24/7 monitoring, national coverage anywhere
  • Hands free voice activation that automatically calls the monitoring center
  • High reliability – no need for the mobile app to be open
  • A wearable lightweight panic button that makes calling for help simple and intuitive
  • Dissemination of immediate alerts in an emergency
  • Support for large-scale organizations with multiple lone workers
  • Proactive verification of staff safety by security personnel
  • Simple management interface
The Challenge: Keeping Lone Workers Safe
Student bodies and faculty
Teachers and students are targets of violence both on and off campus
Care Workers
Home healthcare workers suffer verbal and physical abuse, often targeted for access to drugs
Municipal and public employees
Public officials, judges and prosecutors are subject to attacks from dissatisfied constituents
Company workforces
Companies recognize that their employees are assets that need protection during and outside of business hours
Room service and housekeeping staff are frequently subject to harassment by guests

The Umbrella Panic Button

The Umbrella system is ideal for governmental and private organizations who have workers in remote locations or work after hours to ensure their wellbeing. In fact, 22% of U.S. workers work alone. If a worker is injured, he now knows that help will be on the way rather than waiting for someone to come looking for him at the end of a shift. Similarly, if teachers are involved in a live-fire situation, they can immediately alert authorities.
  • Lightweight and unobtrusive
  • Can be worn as both a wristband and necklace
  • Attractive jewelry design option
  • Long battery life with no need to charge
  • Pairs easily with your phone’s Bluetooth
  • Pressing the button immediately wakes up the mobile app
  • Water and dust resistant