Smart Care

How does this work?

Think of it as "911" without picking up the phone. Using advanced speech recognition technology, IVA™ identifies specific phrases called out by residents. A device using IVA™ sits and waits ‒ always listening without hearing. The device is activated when IVA™ detects a sequence of words that it knows signifies a call for help. A communications channel is immediately opened to the monitoring station to initiate a conversation with the resident that will verify the emergency and take appropriate action.

Hearing while ensuring your privacy

  • Can be used in every room in the house. For complete safety and peace of mind
  • 2-way voice communication capabilities. Built in speaker and mic to support conversation and enable first verification
  • Voice extender.Extend total PERS coverage to the entire home
  • Unique location capabilities. Based on patented technology. The monitoring station can easily locate the resident using several methods
  • Battery operated. Allows installation flexibility and back-up in case of power outage
  • Water proof for shower installation

What is the Communicator?

The Communicator is Essence's first IVA™ capable device. Communicator is uniquely integrated with Essence Smart Care's Care@Home Advanced Telecare platform to provide an added layer of care by allowing elderly residents to receive emergency attention even in situations where they are unable to activate available panic buttons.

Uniquely integrated with Essence's Care@Home™ Advanced Telecare Platform

Scalable to provide more value and revenue opportunities to medical care providers
Multi-function wearable device provides
Voice activation
Panic button
Pull cord
Imagine your parent becoming suddenly incapacitated, unable to move from their bed due to pain or extreme weakness. Unfortunately, this is an increasingly common occurrence as the aging process progresses. Instead of needing to reach out to press a button, pull a cord, or even wait for passive detection, you parent will call out "Help, I'm hurt". Communicator will recognize this call for help and immediately notify the healthcare provider ‒ opening up a conversation that will allow the monitoring center staff to size up the situation and send the help that's needed.

What is Intelligent Voice Activation™?

Intelligent Voice Activation™ is an always active technology that recognizes preset vocal commands and triggers specified actions.
When combined with an elderly care monitoring system or security alarm, it will activate an emergency call to a professional monitoring center allowing timely assistance to the person in distress.

An Innovative solution for your monitoring station

In today's world, service providers need to be proactive ‒ not reactive. The bar has been raised and it is not sufficient to provide customers with countless buttons, pendants and wristbands, hoping that these devices will be accessible when they are really required. With an IVA™ enabled device in the residents' houses, healthcare providers are able to provide immediate response to their patients' distress. Add real value to Essence's Care@Home Platform by offering Communicator with Intelligent Voice Recognition and give your customers even more peace of mind.