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MyShield: Advanced Security and Intervention for Unoccupied Assets

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For a variety of reasons, there is a worldwide phenomenon of real estate assets lying empty for short or long periods.

Some of these assets may be unrented and unoccupied offices or other commercial sites. Others could be due to foreclosures on residences, resulting in banks holding many residential properties for a limited period. Another class of unoccupied property is second, summer homes, a common practice in many European countries. The common denominator is the need to provide a certain level of security for these properties. Often this security will require a temporary solution and in many of these cases, there will be no electricity available, let alone communications infrastructure.

An innovative solution is available that can not only offer reliable detection and verification of intrusion, it can also provide active intervention in the form of a smoke that can deter intruders out of the property.

Most crucially, all of this can be done with autonomous power and communications!

MyShield, a game-changing innovation in the field of asset protection, offers an all-encompassing solution that redefines the meaning of security.

Interventional Security Against Intruders

MyShield by Essence, the first standalone, all-in-one security smoke device is at the forefront of the battle against security threats. Remotely controlled and equipped with an HD camera, Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors, and a long-lasting battery , this innovative solution establishes a new standard in asset security. The device’s PIR and pet immune technology reduce false alarms, and effectively distinguishing between genuine threats and harmless activities. Its ability to detect and act according to verification by a security personnel ensures swift intervention and minimizes the risk of property damage.

MyShield deploys smoke that fills a room in just 30 seconds. This groundbreaking technology disorientates intruders and provides an additional layer of defense against theft and vandalism.

MyShield embraces the Internet of Things (IoT), connecting, where necessary, seamlessly with other smart security systems. Its cellular connectivity via the LTE CAT-M1 network, ensures easy installation, while remote activation adds convenience and flexibility to users.

MyShield enhances capabilities by providing clear and detailed images to verify intrusions and avoid false alarms. The device’s low maintenance requirements ensure it remains a reliable and cost-effective solution for securing unoccupied assets.

MyShield stands out by addressing the unique challenges faced by unoccupied buildings and assets. Its forward-thinking features make it a reliable and effective choice for those seeking to fortify their spaces against the ever-evolving landscape of security threats. With MyShield, it will be easy to secure your unoccupied assets, giving you full confidence and peace of mind.

Here are the Main Features:

  1. 30 Seconds to Deterrence: fills a room with disorienting smoke in under 30 seconds, forcing intruders out before first responders arrive.
  2. All-in-One: PIR motion detector, HD camera to eliminate false alarms, voice announcement and rapid-action remotely activated smoke canister.
  3. Independent or Integrated: MyShield can function as a standalone security solution or seamlessly integrate into your existing security system.
  4. IoT Connected: Ensures cellular, power independent connectivity and remote activation for ultimate flexibility.
  5. Compact & Modern: Blends seamlessly with any property, offering a sleek and modern design.
  6. Portability: Easily move MyShield to where it’s needed, ensuring 24/7 security on demand.
  7. Low Maintenance: Effortless upkeep for ongoing, reliable protection.

MyShield isn’t just another security device; it is a comprehensive security intervention solution. Its features, including remote activation, IoT connectivity, and the ability to “smoke intruders out,” redefine the landscape of asset protection. For property owners and stakeholders alike, MyShield offers peace of mind and a vast protection, setting a new standard in the security industry.

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