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Essence believes in giving back to the community and developing the next generation of leaders and engineers.
Our excellence as a company is an expression of the excellence of our personnel. By developing our children and our community, Essence expresses its caring and commitment to a better life for everyone.

Essence cares about our future

Essence contributed to 30 different initiatives in the areas of support for underprivileged children, technology education, healthcare, and special causes.

Our future

Children are our future. Essence cares deeply about the well-being of our children and families. Contributions to organizations such as Chabad house, Ilan Israel Foundation for Handicapped Children, and Elem Youth in Distress encourage our future generations.


Educational initiatives are an important part of the Essence vision. Support for several cultural initiatives with Chabad House and support of the Technion Institute scholarships reinforce this commitment.


As a leader in healthcare technologies, Essence cares deeply about people’s health and is involved in supporting organizations such as Yad Sarah and the Society for the Prevention of Cancer.

Special Causes

We call them special causes, because to us personally at Essence they are special. When it comes to supporting special causes, families and specific individuals, we at Essence reach out to contribute in times of need.