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Essence and its founders are constantly looking for ways to innovate, expand the company’s horizons, and reach to additional markets that improve business for ourselves and our partners and better the lives of the people who use our solutions.
Next Generation Beauty

Who we are

E.S.I NOVEL LTD, part of the Essence Group, designs and develops medical aesthetic skin care products. We support clinics, beauticians, spa salons, physicians, and deliver direct customer channels, along with intelligent insights. Our technologies bring a new generation of beauty to your business. With over 25 years of innovation, the Essence Group have expertise in design and development of electronic hardware, software, artificial intelligence, IoT and Big Data. JÓLI360™ PRO brings professionals and patients closer together.

JÓLI360™ PRO: Welcome to the first truly connected skin rejuvenation solution of the world

Bring a professional facial treatment expereince. Sleek, sophisticated, yet simple to operate, the JÓLI360™ PRO system incluides multiple breakthrough technologies. Three for treatment and three for measurements.

How it Works

Bring a professional facial treatment experience. Personalized, professional skincare treatment.

Next generation beauty with IoT. From setup to follow-up, you are always in touch with your user´s beauty needs

Online professional dermatologist´s advice supported by real-time professionals.



The JÓLI360™ PRO system includes multiple breakthrough technologies; three for treatment and three for measurement. JÓLI360™ PRO uniquely combines all the benefits of cutting-edge technology and IoT. Wireless, safe, robust, and fully rechargeable. JÓLI360™ PRO not only represents the next generation of skincare treatments but also makes them simple to deliver and easy to monitor.


Our treatment

JÓLI360™ PRO’s three treatment technologies are easy to deliver, safe and flexible:
* Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Treatment
* Bi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) Treatment combined with a conductive gel applied by a convenient and disposable, single-use cartridge
* Electroporation (ELP) Treatment combined with a serum applied by a disposable, single-use cartridge.
JÓLI360™ PRO’s four safety systems include treatment interruption whenever the treatment applicator leaves the skin’s surface. Meanwhile, the powerful combination of advanced treatment options offers younger, tighter and significantly fresher looking skin.

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12 Abba Eban Avenue
Ackerstein Tower Bldg. D
Herzliya Pituah

+ 972. 73. 244. 7777
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