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Essence and its founders are constantly looking for ways to innovate, expand the company’s horizons, and reach to additional markets that improve business for ourselves and our partners and better the lives of the people who use our solutions.
We strive to enable a better environment by utilizing innovative solar solutions

Who we are

Solar energy generation contributes to reducing pollution globally, electricity generated by solar technologies does not involve burning fossil fuels and therefore no pollutants are emitted to the environment. Another aspect is reducing the manufacturing footprint of the components and systems, at Essence Solar we strive to reduce this footprint to the minimum possible, utilize recyclable materials and comply with the environmental standards of the electronics industry.

Founded in 2008, Essence Solar develops third generation photovoltaic technology

The core technology developed by Essence Solar is in the field of High Concentration PV and relates to III-V multi-junction cell packaging and assembly which enables ease of assembly constraints at the module and system level.

While utilizing available, standard electronics industry assembly lines, our technology and design offers automation, high accuracy, yield, reproducibility and superior passive thermal management for high concentration exceeding 1,000 suns.

Key advantages:

Dramatic reduction of the capital investment required in production capacity buildup and ramp up

Reduction of overhaul $\W matrix at receiver, module, system and installed costs levels.

Production capacity diversification and utilization for additional products such as LED assemblies.


High Concentration PV (HCPV) is the most efficient PV technology available with conversion efficiencies of 40% at cell level and 30% at the module level.

In dry and sunny locations, HCPV will generate more energy per installed capacity (kWh\kWp) than other PV technologies, thus generating higher returns and lower LCOE.

In locations and applications where area is a critical consideration, HCPV can generate more energy per defined area due to the high efficiency of the solar cells. 

About us

Essence Solar R&D professionals are focused on the fields of microelectronics, materials science, semiconductor packaging, mechanics and power. Additionally, Essence Solar collaborates globally with experts and partners on various technological challenges.
Essence Solar Advisory board includes Essence Group executive management.

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12 Abba Eban Avenue
Ackerstein Tower Bldg. D
Herzliya Pituah

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