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Essence and its founders are constantly looking for ways to innovate, expand the company’s horizons, and reach to additional markets that improve business for ourselves and our partners and better the lives of the people who use our solutions.
Essence Interactive Center

Who we are

Essence Interactive Center (formerly BetyByte) provides expertise in user experience and software development for mobile and web platforms. Before its acquisition by Essence in 2012, the company developed a wide range of mobile and web projects, including loyalty programs, applications and major advertising campaigns for international Fortune-500 companies.

Essence Interactive Center is focused on consolidating the user experience for end-customers of all Essence products, providing a smooth and seamless experience on mobile for service providers and end-users of the Smart Home, Smart Care, and Smart Security product lines.

Essence Interactive Center brings together decades of experience in user experience, market needs, design, and development of successful applications. The company covers the entire life cycle of any product. Essence Interactive Center uses a formal process of identifying user needs, designing and creating products with outstanding ease of use and compelling interfaces. In addition, we maintain them and provide them with all the marketing and content needed for successful usage, distribution and function of the products.


Jorge Rodríguez is the Head of Essence Interactive Center (formerly BetyByte). Rodriguez founded BetyByte and ran the company over the past 12 years on projects including El Movimiento Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Nordic Division (Red Zone), Heineken Profesional, Pascual Funciona, Accion Rescate for Panrico, Vitalinea for Danone, P&G Loyalty Platform, Telefónica Keteke, Andalusia Tourism, Madrid Tourism, SICA for Andalusia Government, Apps and CSW for Securitas Direct.

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Essence Interactive Center


C/ Conde de Aranda, 5
1ª dcha.
28001 Madrid

+3491426 1798
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