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Bookkeeper JB - 57

Israel, Herzliya -Tel Aviv

Antenna Engineer – JB-127

Israel, Herzliya -Tel Aviv

RT Embedded Team Leader JB -159

Israel, Herzliya -Tel Aviv

SigmaDots. Blockchain Developer. JB-123

Israel, Herzliya -Tel Aviv
We are looking for high-end professionals with a passion for all aspects of development, from architecture and design to deployment and production. Our potential team member will be self-learners with great team spirit.


  • Experience with authentication, security protocols and applied cryptography.
  • Knowledge of cryptographic key generation procedures.
  • 5+ years’ experience in Python/Java/C++/Go development.
  • Love for mathematics puzzles.


  • Applied mathematics/cryptographic advanced degree.
  • Blockchain project development experience.
  • Highly motivated, goal driven, innovative, curious and open minded.
  • A passion for technology and for developing robust, state of the art systems.
  • Fun to work with.
  • Team player.
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