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Smart Care -Sales Coordinator/Admin -JB - 197

Israel, Herzliya -Tel Aviv
The role is to coordinate between the sales team to the various organizations inbound/outbound interfaces. Facilitating those interfaces towards operations, finance, engineering, product, project management and other internal departments.
As well as, direct communication with the customers.


  • Design and implement next generation devices.
  • University degree in Industrial engineering.
  • Fluent in English to a very high standard and possess strong communication skills, as liaison with clients and colleagues is a large focus within the job.
  • Experience with production procedures of electronic equimpment..
  • Experience in Logistics procedures.
  • Experience in managing forecasts, stocks of goods and production planing.
  • Experience in definition of products flavors /customization for various customers.
  • Experience with managing financial paperwork with the customers.









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