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RT Embedded Team Leader JB -159

Israel, Herzliya -Tel Aviv

QA Team Leader JB-181

Israel, Herzliya -Tel Aviv

Sigma dots: Senior Software Developer – Distributed Systems JB- 183

Israel, Herzliya -Tel Aviv


  • Academic degree in Computer Science, or related fields
  • Experience in complex or distributed systems
  • Knowledge, understanding and experience in common elements of distributed systems, such as databases, queues and algorithms
  • Fast learner and diverse in programming languages and environments
  • Able to take part in designing system wide features across components and interfaces
  • Team player with strong soft skills
  • Experience with at least some of the following Technologies:
    C, C++, Go, Python, Java, networking, multi-threading, load balancing, file systems, SAN, blockchain, Hadoop, P2P applications, DHT, Fault Tolerance, Database infrastructure, sharding, indexing.


  • Experience with Blockchain development
  • Experience in IOT services
  • Experience in security or network communications
  • Deep understanding of operating systems, data structures and algorithms knowledge and experience in other modern technologies
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