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RT Embedded Team Leader JB -159

Israel, Herzliya -Tel Aviv

QA Team Leader JB-181

Israel, Herzliya -Tel Aviv

PA to Essence CEO JB-135

Israel, Herzliya -Tel Aviv

The position entails:

  • Management of the CEO's calendar and schedule.
  • Coordinating and monitoring that CEOs’ decisions are carried out and enforced
  • Coordinating international travel for all employees of the company, including booking hotels, flights, vehicles, visas, etc.
  • Coordinating issuance of Security Letters for guests from abroad.
  • Hosting visitors from Israel and abroad.
  • Preparation of presentations at a high-level.
  • Manage and approve purchase orders in the Priority system.
  • Interfacing with senior employees executives in the organization.
  • Reporting directly to the CEO


  • Minimum 3 years’ experience as secretary or C level PA - required. Experience in a high-tech advantage
  • Full proficiency of computer and internet applications - a must.
  • Bachelor’s degree - compulsory.
  • Verbal and written English at a high level
  • Ability to multitask and work in a high stress environment.
  • Willingness to be a long term company employee.
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