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Smart Security


The Essence Smart Security offering is modular, expandable, and can be personalized to your specific business needs.
The offering includes hardware and software products, logistics and operations and go-to-market strategic and planning service to fit your business & operational needs.


Smart Security offering fits any home environment with a rich set of peripheral devices and an industry leading RF range. Essence offers a variety of add-ons, including additional devices, services, hosting, and logistic support.
End-to-End solutions
hardware, software,
operations and services


EverGuard™ is designed to address various market needs, including indoor and outdoor solutions for business and home security, featuring motion detection, video, voice, and safety.

Personalized solutions

Essence offerings can be personalized and customized to cost effectively fit your operational and commercial needs with a variety of services; from hosting, through local logistics and operations, to branding and localization of apps and devices.

Mobile and Web Application

End-user apps for smartphone, tablet, and web

Maintenance Tools

Enabling service providers to remotely manage, monitor and configure peripheral devices and the control panel. Monitoring stations see a real time dashboard and can generate reports of events, system and components status for ongoing efficient management.

Backend / Device Mgmt.

Essence Connect Server includes software that runs on a database to enable the entire functionality of the system and remote access of users to their systems at home. The backend/device mgmt. manages the devices, enables push notifications in various ways and enables connectivity with additional devices.

EverGuard™ Control Panel

The EverGuard™ Control Panel controls all home devices, and communicates with the cloud-based backend/device mgmt. The control panel supports up to 32 devices.

Essence Devices

EverGuard™ product suite is expandable and modular enabling connecting up to 32 peripheral devices with one EverGuard™ control panel.

3rd Party Devices

Professional Support and Services

Our professionals provide full service for deployment and maintenance of your systems.


Logistics and local partnerships

With our extensive network of distributors, retailers and dealers, we can help you connect with the right people to give your customers a complete solution.

Pairing and configuration

Essence provides reliable pairing and configuration services enabling service providers to offer pre-configured kits ready for use out of the box.

App Configured Business Model

Consulting Services

Based on best practices and proven experience, Essence provides on-site strategy and go to market consulting services with the goal to boost your home and SMB security services pricing, and branding strategies.


All packages and devices are fully configurable can be personalized to service providers' brands.


Providing personalized packaging services to enable shortest time to market.
Go To Market

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