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Smart Living

Smart customized solution

End to end customized smart home solution

The Essence Smart Living multi-service platform enables services providers to offer a comprehensive all-in-one solution for their customers to independently manage their home environment from anywhere, anytime, and on any screen. The modular offering includes remote home management, safety and security, and energy-saving modules.

Personalized solutions

For service providers, the Essence offerings can be customized and offered in convenient branded kits or as individual modules, according to the service provider’s needs.
End-to-End solutions
for service providers


Essence Smart Living can be offered as a complete, branded Smart Home Kit, with a variety of upgrades, including additional devices, added services, hosting, and logistics support.


Smart Living addresses the needs of a variety of markets, but specifically enables possibilities for families looking to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. A variety of hardware and software upgrades and premium modules can be added to boost income.

Mobile and Web Application

Maintenance Tools

Analytics Engine

Backend / Device MGMT

WeR@Home HUB

Essence Devices

3rd Party Devices

Professional Services & Support


Logistics, Local Partner

Pairing, Configuration

App Configured Business Model

Consulting Services



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Smart Living downloads are available here

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