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Smart Care
Our Care@Home™ product suite offers a seamless health monitoring experience that enables people to live independently in their homes.

Care@Home™ Intelligent Monitoring

Care@Home™ Pro

Using sensors and intelligent algorithms, Care@Home™ learns the daily habits and behaviors of individuals and alerts for any deviation of the daily routine that may indicate any potential health condition change, thus helping to prevent falls and unnecessary visit to the hospital. Care@Home™ will automatically notify a call center or a caregiver in case of any emergency incident or warning sign, such as skipping meals, reduced activity, or spending an unusually length of time in the bathroom.

Care@Home™ Family

Brings customized care for your loved ones with an advanced interface that allows family members to keep abreast of elderly relatives who require partial or full daily monitoring. This flexible solution enables family members to adapt monitoring parameters to the needs of the resident and can be used as a self-monitored or professionally monitored service.

Key Features

Ease of use and seamless to the resident

Care@Home is a self-learning solution, gathering information, analyzing, 24/7 monitoring and alerting via mobile and web apps based on a smart analytics prediction engine. This enables the resident to live independently without wearing pendants or having to press any buttons.

Proactive and Personal Care

Based on a personal behavioral pattern that is continuously refined, Care@Home proactively sends notifications, alerts and informative reports on dashboards to the healthcare provider to enable immediate care, and, when needed alerts family members via mobile and web applications.

Analytics engine for better service

Alerts of early warning signals based on smart analytics combined with visual and 2-way audio channels enable prevention of further health deterioration. Early intervention dramatically improves treatment success, reduces individuals’ and public healthcare costs, and enables prolonging independent living.


Care@Home™ Control Panel

Controls all peripherals and communicates with the app through the cloud.

Door/Window Sensor

Identifies if the person entered and exited the home at their regular schedule.

Motion Detector

In the bathroom to identify if the resident visited the bathroom frequently, took longer than usual, and other signals.

Door/Window Sensor

In the kitchen to identify if meal times are regular.

Camera Detector

Installed in the living room can be used to visually check in.

Motion Detector

In the entrance hall detects activity in this area.

Smoke Detector

Providing an extra layer of safety.

Door/Window Sensor

Identifies if the resident entered and exited the home at regular schedule.

Flood Detector

Detects water leakage and sends alerts if needed.

Care@Home™ Control Panel

The Care@Home™ control panel communicates with the peripheral devices, and with the backend server in the cloud. The control panel supports up to 20 peripherals such as cameras, door/window sensors, smoke detectors, etc. The control panel also includes a main emergency button and a 2-way audio communication capability for the service provider to communicate wit™h the resident.

Motion Detector

The motion detector identifies what rooms are used at what times of the day, and can determine if there are changes in habits that might indicate a health issue. In addition, it can identify entrance to the premises, and to alert for extreme temperatures.

Camera Detector

The camera can be used for visual confirmation if there is a suspicion of a fall. Live streaming video can be sent to the app or monitoring system. Data is encrypted for use only by authorized users.

Door/Window Sensor

The door/window sensor reports to the control panel the status of any door or window. It can be used to know whether the resident or caregiver came in or out, or indoors, in various locations and applications. An integrated shock sensor add reliability to the sensor.

Emergency Button

A fixed emergency button can be installed near the bed or wherever needed so that the resident can quickly and comfortably signal any issues.

Portable Emergency Button

For complete protection, the portable emergency button goes with the patient and is a wireless extension of the main emergency button. It can be worn as a pendant or as a wrist strap and used to trigger emergency alerts from any place around the house.

Flood Detector

Safety device for early warning of water leakage.

Smoke Detector

Smoke detector adds an extra layer of safety in the place that matters the most–your home.

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