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Revenue Analyst. JB-82

Israel, Herzliya -Tel Aviv

Product Quality Manager. JB-100

Israel, Herzliya -Tel Aviv
In General:
Product Quality should insure delivery of projects\product versions on time table with customer satisfaction.
Interfaces should be with all divisions [PM,SA,R&D, QC, QA &Int] reporting to Integration Director.


  • Work closely with SA\PM to develop product releases based on customer requirements.
  • Participate in Development \ Quality process, building version development plan.
  • Develop methodology to test and measure products and applications.
  • Participate in creating, launching and implementing future product releases.
  • Work with PM teams to ensure process is efficient.
  • Set objectives and reports dashboards to present product release readiness.
  • Support Essence on making the decision to allow or deny product release.
  • Understand & Analyze laboratories environmental \ Testing activities \ detected defects \ process quality.


  • BSc Computer \ Electronic degree.
  • Experience of 10+ years with QA\Int \System design\ Development.
  • Experience with RF\GSM interface.
  • Ability to work with System Design tools.
  • Experience with Risk Analysis Methods.
  • Experience with Jira\TFS.
  • Experience with customer on-going demands base on existing Software Requirements Specification.  
  • Knowledge& Experience with ISO \ Certification delivery \process \ procedures. 
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