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Revenue Analyst. JB-82

Israel, Herzliya -Tel Aviv

Antenna Engineer – JB-127

Israel, Herzliya -Tel Aviv


  • Antenna and wave propagation theoretical background is must..
  • Experience of antenna design and tests, anechoic chambers/free space - minimum 4 years.
  • Experience of design and development on antennas for 2G/3G/4G mobile  - preferred.
  • Experience of EM simulations tools (like CST/HFSS) – must.
  • Experience with regulatory requirements, including FCC, PTCRB, CTIA, ETSI, TIA/EIA, etc – preferred.
  • Experience RF test equipment - must.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Hands-on is a must.

Position description:

The employer should be able:

  • to design and to develop antennas for different devices and different wireless standards to achieve best performance.
  • to performance radiation measurements, including TRP and TIS;
  • to optimize and to debug  RF system performance to meet customer requirements;
  • to work closely with different teams – mechanical, HW, RF.
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